Our corporate services are anything but business as usual.  We create and cultivate your collective experiences.  From press trips to company outings and entertaining, we take the wow factor to another level.  Whatever the occasion, we work with you to make sure your company experience will be as impactful as it is impressive.  



Launching a new brand, product, or concept is stressful enough so why not let In the Know Experiences handle finding the perfect hotel that aligns with your company and negotiate highly discounted rates on your behalf! Complicated flights for people coming from all over the world? No problem!  A fleet on cars to transport guests all over town? We have relationships with the best in every city! Suggestions for jaw-dropping dining and activities? Its what we do for our clients every day!



You have already made the decision to invest in a company trip or offer an amazing sales incentive, so why not make sure it's truly one of a kind! Your employees deserve the best so why show that you really care and bring in ITKE to create something that they wonโ€™t stop talking about for a long time. We know all the special, off the beaten path, and extremely unique locations that you never know existed but always hoped they did; whether far away or right in your own backyard.



Lets be obvious, a lot of companies donโ€™t have creative ideas for entertaining their clients. Fancy dinners are so 1990 so why not up your game and take clients to things that they will be talking about for years to come? Maybe it's creating a chef-off instead of a cooking class, playing basketball with the Knicks versus watching them, or learning how to make artisanal cocktails instead of just sipping them.  Let our in-house experiences team come up a list of ideas surrounding different passion points to make closing that deal easier than you thought!