For those who have been waiting for luxury to touch down in Antarctica, you're in luck: there is now a luxury hotel there — the only one of its kind on the continent — and it's seriously stylish. 

The White Desert camp, which has actually been around for a decade, recently got a complete luxury overhaul in celebration of it's 10-year anniversary. The redesign includes six "sleeping pods" — heated fiberglass domes, with Saarinen chairs, fur throws, and en suite bathrooms. (Parkas are complementary, if you forgot yours.) Possibly our favorite parts of the renovation is the the new luxe dining room with a round oak table encircled by fur chairs and the addition of a a bespoke lounge with a library and bar.  

Escapades like rappelling into glacial crevasses, rock climbing, and exploring mazes of blue-ice grottos are some of the adventures guests can partake in during their stay. The Emperors and South Pole Adventure, offered four times a year during the months of November and December, allows a group of 12 to embark on an 8-day excursion. Highlights include seeing newly hatched emperor penguins, exploring the South Pole, and visiting the United States' Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. 

To further mark its 10th anniversary, White Desert partnered with Bremont watches to create an exclusive South Pole timepiece. So if you're one of the lucky guests who visit its namesake point —  the timepiece equipped with a 90-degree dial, a map of Antarctica, and an engraving of the date on which you've visited the southern end of the world's axis — which will be yours to wear forever. 

Glamping in Antarctica, anyone?