The story is told, in 1934 the bartender at The St. Regis New York's King Cole Bar, Fernand Petiot, perfected the recipe for a vodka-and-tomato juice cocktail. Dubbed the Bloody Mary — a name that sounded rather racy for the hotels' clientele — the signature cocktail was thus given its' moniker of the Red Snapper.  While the latter may not have stood the test of time, Fernand’s spicy concoction certainly has.

"At the King Cole Bar, we have the privilege of serving the original bloody mary recipe, our signature Red Snapper, as perfected behind the bar by Fernand Petiot over 80 years ago. The spirited cocktail remains the most beloved for patrons of the hotel and has inspired every St. Regis property around the world to create its own, local spin on the signature drink – with ingredients from beet juice to olive oil to Old Bay seasoning. At the King Cole Bar, we are proud to also serve up these creative variations of the cocktail daily, offering patrons a taste of both the beloved classic as well as our fellow St. Regis hotels & resorts’ globally inspired and playful spins on the now infamous libation!" — Bill Dante, Bartender at the King Cole Bar

Today, the Bloody Mary remains the signature cocktail of the St. Regis brand, with each hotel crafting its own interpretation of the libation. After going behind-the-scenes, we got our hands on the original recipe so that you, too, can have a taste of the St. Regis's signature cocktail at home!

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1 oz. vodka
2 oz. tomato juice
1 dash lemon juice
2 dashes salt
2 dashes black pepper
2 dashes cayenne pepper
3 dashes of Worcestershire sauce