est. 2007

Launched in 2007, In the Know Experiences was created by Lia Batkin and Seth Kaplan, after noticing tremendous potential for a travel and lifestyle company that catered to a younger and more savvy demographic, wanting more than just a flight and hotel reservation. Having travelled extensively with their families since they were very young, both Lia and Seth have always had a strong passion for travel and experiencing new cultures, making a career in the travel industry a natural progression.

It all began after Lia and Seth went on a disastrous trip to Argentina. After hours and hours of searching the Internet, what they thought would be the best trip of their lives turned out to be the worst. They went at the wrong time of year, stayed in the wrong hotels, and were told to eat and shop at restaurants and stores that were closed for the season. When they travelled, they expected the same level of insider knowledge that they were accustomed to in New York. They wanted personalized experiences involving the things that were most important to them – amazing food, great nightlife and a local’s perspective that would allow them to fully experience a destination. This trip ultimately gave them the idea to create a company that would provide their clients with experiences tailored to their specific passion points.

Thus, combining their two backgrounds, Lia Batkin having worked for luxury magazines, such as Robb Report, and in VIP marketing for Hilton Hotels, and Seth Kaplan having previously started his own company, Supreme Systems, a high end contracting firm, Lia and Seth formed In the Know Experiences, specializing in luxury travel and lifestyle experiences. The company now caters to celebrities, executives, athletes and people all over the world that want to be In the Know!